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High Resolution Digital Photograph (Knife by Stan Wilson) High Resolution Digital Photograph (Knife by Derick Kemper)

If you're passionate about knives then you're in the right place!

This site was created by people who are passionate about knives for people who are passionate about knives. Our goal is to give you a digital look into the products you can find at the physical events we're associated with, and connect you with the vendor that can make your perfect knife.

If you are a person who loves knives, we hope you'll have a look around at what our makers, crafters, and manufacturers have to offer. If you are interested in opening a storefront and showcasing your knives, please create an account and set up your digital storefront. If you're interested in increasing the visibility of your knives and want to learn more about how to better promote your wares, please use our contact form and we'll discuss ways you can grow your business.